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Chiltern Firehouse

The Chiltern Firehouse is a trendy spot that draws in celebrities and media personalities. Its retro decor adds to its charm, while its service is top-notch. Guests rave about the delicious breakfasts, and the restaurant by Nuno Mendes is a favourite of A-listers such as Kylie Minogue, David Beckham, Kate Moss, and Cara Delevingne.

Chiltern Firehouse Location

The historic Chiltern Firehouse, located in a charmingly restored 1887 fire station, is a must-visit for media and entertainment insiders. The building's striking façade and rich history add to its allure. The surrounding street has undergone a recent regeneration and is now home to many unique shops, including a traditional barber's shop and a newsagent. These charming remnants of the past have been preserved thanks to the efforts of owner André Balazs, who is also known for his work with other iconic properties such as the Mercer and Château Marmont.


The impeccable service at Chiltern Firehouse, combined with the retro-chic interiors, make for a truly unforgettable experience. Guests rave about the excellent breakfasts, and the Nuno Mendes restaurant is a popular hotspot frequented by celebrities such as Cara Delevingne, Kate Moss, David Beckham, and Kylie Minogue. If you're looking for a trendy and glamorous destination, Chiltern Firehouse is the perfect choice.

Chiltern Firehouse Design

The Chiltern Firehouse is a restored 1887 fire station that boasts impressive charm. Situated on a recently rejuvenated street with a host of interesting shops, the traditional barber’s shop and newsagent opposite remain intact, thanks to owner André Balazs, who is also renowned for the Mercer and Château Marmont.


The original façade has been preserved and the guest lobby now occupies the former ladder shed. The restaurant is situated in the engine house with bedrooms above, while a newly constructed extension between them houses the horseshoe-shaped bar and an outdoor courtyard seating area. Though compact, the design has been carefully considered to ensure guest comfort and satisfaction. The doormen, led by head doorman Matt McClure, are straight out of central casting.


The interiors by Paris-based Studio KO are homely, stylish, and glamorous with a vintage appeal that is sure to impress. With humorous touches throughout, such as the scrawled message “Cigarettes and Men” on the glass door leading to the ladies' smoking area, guests will not want to leave.

Chiltern Firehouse Amenities

The service at Chiltern Firehouse is exceptional, with a friendly, polished, and swift approach. General Manager Guillaume Marly, who has experience at the Ritz and Claridges, has put together an impressive team that values simplicity and directness. Instead of directories for "housekeeping," "room service," and "reception," guests find a handwritten note next to the telephone that says "Dial 0 for everything." However, guests may miss having area information in their room. It could be beneficial to have an amusingly illustrated booklet that guests can keep as a memento of their stay.


The building's original façade has been restored and repurposed, with the guest lobby now occupying the former ladder shed. The engine house now holds the restaurant, with bedrooms located above, while a newly constructed extension holds the horseshoe-shaped bar and a courtyard for outdoor seating. The interiors, designed by Paris-based Studio KO, are glamorous, vintage, stylish, homely, and timeless. Even the little details show a sense of humor, such as the lipstick-style "Cigarettes and Men" scrawled on a glass door in the Ladies' room, which leads to a cute smoking area.

Chiltern Firehouse Hotel Rooms

Chiltern Firehouse offers charmingly retro yet stylishly decorated rooms that exude domestic comfort and a touch of originality. While all rooms have the same decor, it hardly matters given the impeccable design and comfort they offer. Guests can expect nothing but the best in terms of looks and comfort in their rooms.


General Manager Guillaume Marly, who has a wealth of experience from the Ritz and Claridges, has put together an impressive team that delivers superb, friendly, and swift service. Guests can enjoy simplicity and directness as they dial “0 for everything” on the handwritten note by the bedroom telephone, without the need for directories for housekeeping, room service, or reception.


The fire station dating back to 1887 has been beautifully restored and now serves as the guest lobby. The engine house, which once housed fire trucks, has been converted into the hotel’s restaurant with bedrooms above, while the newly constructed extension now houses a horseshoe-shaped bar and an outdoor seating area in the courtyard. The hotel’s compact design works perfectly, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Chiltern Firehouse Dining

Chiltern Firehouse's much-hyped arrival of Nuno Mendes has settled down, but his culinary genius remains in the menu, albeit on a smaller scale than initially anticipated. The monthly rotating Chiltern Firehouse menu offers mouthwatering dishes, perfectly suited for the busy brasserie-style surroundings. The breakfast is exceptional with inventive cooked dishes and a basket of pastries. The service is top-notch with charming and professional waiters. However, the Chiltern Firehouse restaurant can become very crowded at times, testing the limit of its capacity.


While there is no separate fine-dining restaurant yet, Nuno Mendes may soon open one to showcase his culinary prowess. The brasserie-style menu is still enjoyable with no shortage of excellent food choices. The atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable, but at times it can become very loud and crowded, which may not be ideal for everyone. Nonetheless, it remains a popular spot for media and entertainment types, with a charmingly retro décor that adds to its appeal.

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